Happy Friday everyone!Β 

I just wanted to send a reminder to you all to please be deliberate about taking some time out to practice self care this month. There is a lot going on, lots of important things are being spoken about and you may be overwhelmed by information, content and events you want to digest or get involved in, so make sure you schedule time away from your phone and your causes just so you don’t get physically or mentally worn and burnt out.Β 

It’s Black history month, ADHD,domestic violence and breast cancer awareness month and world mental health awareness day on the 10th. Be mindful of the fact that you may come across content that could be more triggering than usual, especially if you have personal experiences with hard times associated with any of the above.Β 

It’s amazing that we all share, speak, celebrate, raise awareness and do what we can to work towards educating others and making positive change but you are only human remember so you must take time to wind down, switch off and charge up too!Β 

Boundaries, quiet time, good sleep, uplifting hobbies, supportive community and gentleness with self and others will be important to keep in mind and practice.

Sending love to you all!Β 

I will be sharing more on different ways to practice self care in my next post.Β 

Have a great dayΒ 


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