Uzochukwu Chima

Founder @KAIGO
Hello everyone, I'm founder @KAIGO and it's really a pleasure to meet you!
Just launched 🚀 #001 of my Blog: Here's the link to the first article.

DOING MORE: The Simple Art of Thinking Less and Getting More Done provides daily ideas, easy to follow prompts and task lists to help everyone from the worst procrastinator to anyone with a shelf full of really important but untouched projects, master the art of starting and completing their most important projects.

There will be a daily email sent everyday of the week, including 1 premium article for subscribers sent on Sunday at 7pm to prepare for a new week.

If you are a subscriber to any Circle here and you want to join our Thursday afternoon workshops on the Doing More Circle, shoot me a message and I'll let you in! 

Hi everyone, hope you all are having a nice week so far. Did you spend some time on the FOCUS and visualization module? I've attached the slide summary in the DO MORE Circle.

In today's session, we're going to cover the very important topic of GOAL SETTING.

If you missed last week's session, no worries, we'll catch up. I've attached the slides and we'll do a recap before going forward.

REMINDER: Today's free workshop is at at:

12:00PM EST / 5:00PM UK TIME.

NOTE: Prior registration is required!

Here's the Zoom registration link.

See you soon!